Saturday, March 17, 2007

Site News: DAILY WAR NEWS FOR Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just a reminder that Today's Today in Iraq report was prepared by Siun and can be found at our new home:


If you check the new site you'll see we've managed to rescue the archives, up to March 2005. Work on the remainder is ongoing - it's a massive effort as thousands of lines of code have to be manually cleaned up to remove the worst of the damaged code. This is the biggest delay (and involves considerable expense as I have to pay someone to help my team of volunteers to help us do it) but its worth both the cost and the delay as people use here to do research on the war using the archives. We were told it wasn't possible - it is but it is taking a lot of time and work.

Ready or not I'm going to close here next Saturday. The old postings will of course remain. Both comments here and the ability to make new postings here will be permanently disabled for everyone except Yankeedoodle and myself.



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