Friday, January 19, 2007

A Tribute to Yasin

A courageous and talented journalist, IWPR contributor Yasin al-Dulaimi was recently killed in a roadside bombing. “Please say it’s not true,” was our first reaction on hearing about the death of Yasin al-Dulaimi, an IWPR contributor from Ramadi, in Anbar province, who over the past two years had regularly filed excellent features and news analysis for IWPR’s Iraqi Crisis Report. Yasin, who attended four of our journalism training sessions in Sulaimaniyah, had not only become a highly respected colleague but also a dear friend. Yasin, 36, died of severe head injures on December 26 after being hit by a roadside bomb in the Baghdad neighbourhood Kadhimiya. He was driving home when the device, targeting a US convoy, went off. ….. Despite painful personal experiences - on another occasion his house in Ramadi was raided by US troops again, and his computer, satellite phone and digital camera were destroyed and the entire family held at gunpoint for several hours - he adhered to the principles of balanced reporting and maintained a critical approach to both multinational forces and the insurgency.


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