Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rant of the Day I met more than a few brown-nosers during my military career, but this guy takes the cake.
Thank you, Mr. Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld clearly has demonstrated courage and commitment in successfully carrying out his duties of defending the United States of America during these difficult times. I have not worked directly for Mr. Rumsfeld, but he has earned my respect and I have been truly proud to serve under his inspirational and motivational leadership in Afghanistan, at the Pentagon, and now in Iraq. Mr. Rumsfeld’s experience, boundless energy and devotion to duty stand as a high standard for all to emulate and such is needed now more than ever. Lt. Col. Jay Carlson Camp Victory, Iraq
This is ass-kissing above and beyond the call of duty. Lieutenant AWOL should present this officer with a Presidential Medal of Freedom for fearlessly crawling up Rummy's ass and pitching a tent. YD


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