Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Witness Describes War Crimes Being Commited in Ramadi Today in Iraq's nature as a news aggregator and clearinghouse for information about Iraq has enabled us to provide a great amount of insight into Ramadi and other areas of conflict with little media coverage. Centralizing as much as possible in one location increases our measure of understanding and comprehension of the conflict. This morning I received an email, not from a journalist, but from a resident living inside Ramadi and currently under siege by United States and New Iraqi Army forces. Qasem and I have communicated a few times, but not since he returned to Ramadi until now. I've posted the entire text of his letter at Alive in Baghdad, as well as detailing some of the media reports that correspond with his own report. To keep it brief for Today in Iraq's readers, I'll simply post some of his more salient remarks here. "I am now with my family in Anbar[A province in western Iraq] I found my family ok…and most friends also…….but the situation was very bad ……burned tank ( US tank ) was in front of my house and my house [was damaged] partially…..there was hard fighting …… At 22/April 2006 the US troops did clear crime in the other side of Ramadi ( Tameem ) …US soldeirs inspect Iraqi family house and after they finished they killed 3 men inside it and one woman were dead when she shocked with this crime …..the resuilt was 4 civilians killed by US troops inside one house after inspection …. The people there told me that the US soldiers seems got mad for no reason and there was no fighting at that day………" 29 April 2006 "For the last week fighting was the daily thing that we got……US tanks moving and fighting started just when US soldiers kill some body ( civilians ) …I can see that the number of fighters increased more and more and I can say that the main reason of this is that the number of killed civilians increased …….2 kids killed by snipers one of them was with his mother going to the doctor, the kid was (7 year-old girl) killed by US sniper in front of (Almustafa private hospital) in the centre of Ramadi, the other kid was (8 years old boy) killed by US sniper in front of his house while he was playing with his friends . Now US troops trying to spread snipers in the houses along my house street ,till now they failed because fighters attacked them during their attempt to occupied houses. Today US army warned the families to leave their houses [within] 4 hours (as period time) or they will be attacked by US tanks!!…….and now some of these empty houses are snipers bases ……one of the snipers attacked my father but he missed him and crashed the rear glass of his car…….. my father is (65 years old man) he is peaceful man… Now my family is planning to leave our house again but there is no place to go." --- posted by aliveinbaghdad.org


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