Thursday, March 23, 2006

Note to Readers, Thursday, March 23, 2006. Today in Iraq is a finalist in the competition for the Koufax Award for Best Single Issue Blog. Voting is open here. If you think matt, Friendly Fire, Susan, Cervantes, Helena, whisker and zig have provided a valuable resource for you over the past year, please cast a favorable vote. Over the course of my Army career, I served with some damned dedicated NCOs and officers. But today I’m goddam proud of my fellow bloggers. Every day, without pay or reward, they put their balls to the walls and bring you the news from Iraq. Sometimes the server at Wampum is busy so you may need to try again. Please vote only once. The election judges are exercising due diligence examining the votes and we shouldn’t waste their time. You can also cast your vote by email. Send an e-mail to: wampum@nic-naa.net Subject line: Koufax Message Body: Best Single Issue Blog: Today in Iraq Thanks, YD


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