Friday, December 30, 2005

War News Predictions 2006 It's the time of year to join a gym and make resolutions and predictions. Leaving aside the gym and resolutions, I want to see how many mystical posters we have here. It's time for predictions on the War on Terror and the Bush Junta for 2006. Here are mine.
· Casualties of the Coalition of the Killing will hit the 3,000 mark in early July. · Bush’s approval ratings will be the lowest in living memory for a President of the United States. · Today in Iraq will be viewed by over 2m posters by November.
So OK, I cheated on the above, they were just extrapolations. Now, for the mystical stuff.
· Saddam will be alive on Dec 31, 2006 · Zarqawi (and OBL) will still be “officially” alive on Dec 31, 2006 · Iran will not be attacked. · Syria will be under heavy UN sanctions but Assad still in power. · US troop levels will not fall below 130,000. · Oil barrel prices will pass the $80 dollar mark in June. · Iraq will remain a quagmire.


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