Friday, November 11, 2005

Iraqi violence bleeding into Jordan, etc. I put a post up onto Just World News this a.m. in which I explored some of the historical and geopolitical links between Iraq and Jordan. I noted that though the neocons had advocated a theory of "Everyone Move Over One" that moved from left to right-- Likud gets the West Bank; the Palestinians get Jordan; the Hashemites get Iraq-- what actually seems to have happened is an EMOO that has moved the other way. In other words, the Iranians have exerted their sway over large parts of Iraq, and the disaffected Iraqi Sunnis are now exerting their influence inside Jordan... Anyway, I also look at a few implications for all this for war, peace, and regional stability. Other recent Iraq-related posts on JWN include this one, which raises more questions about the contest in which the Saddam trial is being held; this one, about Sir Christopher Meyer's memoirs; this one, about Chalabi's dear friend and long-time flak Jim Hoagland; and this one, titled Empire and the discourses of 'justice'. There are also quite a few related to torture. And of course my small expression of glee that my home-state Virginia repudiated Bush's last-minute push to get voters to support his candidate in Tuesday's gubernatorial election.


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