Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Special Post for Tuesday, October 04, 2005 Support Fishback!

Two weeks ago, 26-year old Capt. Ian Fishback wrote Senator John McCain to express his concern about torture being committed by the U.S military. Now, and not surprisingly, Capt. Fishback is being retaliated against by the military for coming forward, including being subject to a classic witchhunt. We've seen this kind of treatment happen over and over again to whistleblowers, particularly for those who bring forward credible allegations of wrongdoing. Andrew Sullivan has set up an email account where you can send your note of support to Capt. Fishback and his family at SupportFishback@aol.com. Kudos to Sullivan for creating a way for all of us to let Fishback know we appreciate his awesome courage.

Andrew Sullivan should never be forgiven for his war cheerleading but this is still a decent thing he's doing. Send your support to CPT Fishback. He needs to know his country and the world is behind him.


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