Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Posts written for Just World News on Fitzgerald/Cheney and the Iraqi referendum (but webserver down for now... grrrrr.)

Cheney as Agnew?

NYT today:

There had already been several indications that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had Libby and top George W. Bush aide Karl Rove in his sights... Now, might Cheney make three?

The NYT reporters write that Fitz "is expected to decide whether to bring charges in the case by Friday." So I guess we'll know soon enough.

From what these reporters' sources have told them, there so far seems only a small possibility that a threat of imminent indictment might force Cheney to follow the example that Spiro Agnew set in 1973--also, in October-- and become only the third vice-president in the history of this republic to resign from office.

But who knows? Thus far, Fitzgerald's staff has done a good job of holding their cards remarkably close to their chests. (There is no indication that this latest leak to the NYT people came from them.) So we did not know about this new twist in the case until now. What more might we learn in three days' time?

Anyway, the newly disclosed information about the Cheney-Libby conversation, certainly seem to make matters harder for Libby. The reporters write:

We do, however, all need to understand that the serious erosion/implosion of the pro-war "cabal" that is the heart of the Bush administration is not necessarily unmitigated good news for the anti-war, pro-sanity strand in US public life. For the following two reasons: Time for calm. Time for maturity. Time to subject to radical re-examination not just the possibly criminal past activities of the cabalists, but also the whole philosophy of US global hegemony that has underlain both their actions and also, I fear, far too much of the thinking of the rest of the US "political elite", of whatever political party or none...

Human equality now!

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