Thursday, September 01, 2005

Note to Readers, September 1, 2005 I’m in Tucson with my parents due to a family emergency so I can’t provide regular updates today, tomorrow and Saturday. I won’t ask matt and Friendly Fire to pick up my slack because they already expend enough voluntary sweat, time, toil and anger on this site. Every time I’ve considered packing up this blog and running away from documenting this hopeless, meaningless slaughter in Iraq, I’ve also thought about their contributions and that has kept me going. I want to thank them for their inspiration, because if they won’t give up the fight, nor will I. Matt once emailed me and said we have developed both a readership and a community. About 2,300 readers visit this site every day. An active community of alert readers regularly post news links in Comments. There are no trolls on this site. The monkeys don‘t write to me anymore. This is because the readers here drive off the trolls and monkeys whenever they show their ugly, ignorant faces. I can’t speak for matt and Friendly Fire, but the community here also keeps me motivated, so I want to thank the entire "Today in Iraq" community for your support. There are leaders and there is leadership on this site, but matt, FF and I aren’t the leaders. Leadership here comes from the community of readers and commentators. So here’s my challenge to the community: Over the next few days, I’ll provide the open thread if you’ll keep the community informed. Regular posters, drive on and keep up the discussions. Readers who have never posted, you and your opinions are always welcome here. There’s only one rule: Don’t be an asshole. Thanks, YD


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