Monday, September 26, 2005

Hi all. Yankeedoodle, Matt, and Friendly Fire have invited me to join them as a contributor to Today in Iraq. Since I'm a big fan of this blog (and frequently use what I find here in my own work), I am delighted to do that. The main idea is for me to direct-post here links to what I write about Iraq on my own blog, Just World News. I write about a lot of other things there, too, but the actions of the US military in Iraq are a big and continuing concern. I'll try to remember to at least leave a note (and a link) here when I have a post over there about Iraq. Maybe I'll do more than that. Who knows? Recently on JWN, I've had these posts of interest: I have some really good discussions going on some of the comments boards on JWN. They get closed after about 15 days, to minimize the spambots. But come on over sometime, browse around, and join the discussions.


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