Friday, September 02, 2005

Discussion: Katrina and Iraq Thanks to all the regular posters for keeping the treadmill going, and it’s also great to see some regular readers show their faces in the comments for the first time. Alastair in the thread below made this very valid comment:
New Orleans is a great tragedy; however this blog is about the war in Iraq. Does nobody have any comments about the effects on Iraq? I offered some comments earlier, but nobody seems to be offering any others, even to say I am wrong.
My response would be, read this live journal/diary from New Orleans linked by Chunky on Steve Gilliard’s Newsblog . I spent the last 30 minutes or so reading it, and Alastair, the question has to be: Has the meaningless war in Iraq had an effect on the disaster that we now witness on the Gulf Coast? As troll thewiz says on the same thread:
Day -2 Aug 27th Pres Bush declares Gulf states federal disaster areas. BEFORE it even hits. Only second time that has ever happened.
My reply to said troll: But there was no post-hurricane planning.


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