Sunday, May 15, 2005

It was my pleasure to bring to President [Karimov] the greetings of President Bush and also to extend to him our thanks for all the support we have received from Uzbekistan in pursuing this campaign against terrorism in Afghanistan and elsewhere throughout the world as well. They have been an important member of this coalition against terrorism, and I’m sure they will continue to be so in the future. Colin Powell Joint Press Conference with Karimov December 8, 2001
I was recently in a meeting with . . . Karimov, in which [Bush] said to him: "Yes, I appreciate what you've done in the war on terrorism, this is terrific and we're glad that we were able to deal with the [Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan ]; our relationship will get stronger as you reform economically and politically." And you can never leave those words out of any such conversation. Condoleezza Rice Remarks at School for Advanced International Studies April 29, 2002
I am delighted to be back in Uzbekistan. I’ve just had a long and very interesting and helpful discussion with the President, with the Minister of Defense, and members of the delegation. Uzbekistan is a key member of the coalition’s global war on terror. And I brought the President the good wishes of President Bush and our appreciation for their stalwart support in the war on terror . . . Our relationship is strong and has been growing stronger. Donald Rumsfeld Press Briefing in Uzbekistan February 24, 2004
FERGANA, Uzbekistan - About 500 bodies have been laid out in a school in the eastern Uzbek city where troops fired on a crowd of protesters to put down an uprising, a doctor in the town said on Sunday, corroborating witness accounts of hundreds killed in the fighting. The doctor, who spoke by telephone on condition of anonymity, said that Andijan’s School No. 15 was guarded by soldiers. Residents of the town were coming to identify dead relatives from among the dead, whom the doctor saw placed in rows. The doctor, regarded as widely knowledgeable about local affairs, said she believed some 2,000 people were wounded in the clashes on Friday but it was unclear how she had arrived at her estimate.


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