Saturday, April 16, 2005

Reader Request The following email exchange took place between me and visitor to this site. 14 April 2005; email from visitor
I've spent hours trying to find soldiers who are blogging from Iraq ... do you have any information/lists on this? More importantly ... Are you one?
14 April 2005; my reply to visitor
Thanks for your email. I have come across many blogs written by soldiers in Iraq. I haven't bookmarked them but I will try and get a list together later and send them to you. I am not American but I have served in the military of the country of my birth. The reason I blog on today in iraq is because of the injustices of the US and UK governments in waging a war against a non-threat, and killing innocent people in the process.
15 April 2005; reply from visitor
In this case, then, thank you for your work, and it is making a difference in my world and now in my daughter's ... a LT. currently serving in Iraq. Both she and I are particularly interested in finding bloggers who are willing to put the U.S. presence in Iraq under question. My search abilities may have met their match in this situation; more than 24 hours of searching found only "Cowboy" soldiers bloggin, hence the call for help. I will be glad of any help you can send my way.
Can anyone think of the type of blogs that this visitor might be looking for and post them here in the comments section?


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