Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Note to Readers, November 3, 2004 No update today. Open thread for Iraq news. Monkey Mail! To: yankeedoodle@gmail.com From: billyneal51@aol.com Why is everyone afraid to say it... "Genocide"! Young white males being sent away , by THEIR government, to face death , in a foreign land , at the hands of a cowardly foe who are recieving better weapons and intelligence than our troops, who know every move we make , every patrol schedule , etc. Go on , write the Pentagon....ask for a breakdown of racial percentages, active in Iraq. You will not recieve an answer... but rest assured ... #1 will be whites and # 2...Hispanics. Black Americans will not even be a close third. If you want to write a script for an academy award movie... consider the Islamic overthrow of America , the gradual decimation of her mighty ground forces, and the gradual decline of white births , as a result of a reduction of male presence, as an excellent topic. White women will be forced to choose men of other races, therefore causing the genocide of white America. This is the " unspeakable " truth. This is the New World Order & no matter which "Bonesman" wins the election, this agenda will carry on.


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