Monday, October 04, 2004

Note to Readers, October 4, 2004 I just wanted to post a brief message to respond to reader emails. I haven’t posted recently because I’m attending a training course. My continued employment and promotion potential rests on successful completion. Please remember that I work for a living. The training course covers unfamiliar material, so I actually do the homework and outside reading just to ensure I pass the course and to satisfy my personal curiosity. I am not the victim of a political conspiracy. Further, at the end of the training day I’m in no civilized mood because the last 45-minute class period is devoted to a physical exercise period called “Combat Aerobics” led by an infuriatingly flexible and enthusiastic young lady. At my age, the only thing I detest more than aerobics is disco noise. I made some suggestions to expand her musical repertoire but she didn’t think Fats Waller or Edith Piaff were acceptable substitutes for the Bee Gees, although she said Piaff’s “Milord” had potential for warm-up exercises. By far, I’m the oldest person in this class. I don’t easily tolerate lectures about smoking from people who are younger than my oldest hemorrhoid. I know they mean well, but tobacco is my favorite vegetable. I logged a few hours last weekend flying around the Chehalis - Kelso area at 9,000 feet AGL in a Cessna 152 waiting for Mount St. Helens to blow. I’ve never seen a volcano erupt, and I figured if I made a high-altitude upwind approach I could avoid most of the airborne particulate hazards. The volcano remained dormant, and on further reflection and study of wind patterns this doesn’t seem like a wise idea. I’ll watch it on TV instead. The training course ends on Friday, October 8th. I plan to fly out to Chicago on Saturday morning to visit sisterdoodle. I expect to resume updates on Sunday, October 10th, and return to my normal schedule on October 16th. Thank you all for reading, your concern and for posting your comments. YD 86-43-04. Pass it on.


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