Saturday, October 16, 2004

More War News for October 16, 2004

Bring ‘em on: One dies in Baghdad blasts

Bring ‘em on: Five U.S. troops killed by car bombs in Iraq (Thanks Mark for the link)

Bring ‘em on: 2nd Brigade soldier dies after ambush

Bring ‘em on: 2nd Infantry Division soldier killed by enemy fire

Bring ‘em on: National Democratic Coalition party official killed south of Baghdad

Bring ‘em on: The holy Muslim month of Ramadan got off to an uneasy start Saturday as an Iraqi official was assassinated in Kirkuk, a U.S. soldier was killed in Mosul, a hospital worker died in a mortar attack and a police officer was killed.

Bring ‘em on: Five Churches, Hospital Bombed in Baghdad

US asks Britain to deploy troops in more parts of Iraq: TV: "Ministry of Defence sources have told Channel Four News that the US military has lodged a formal request for our troops to cover forces which are to be re-deployed for a renewed offensive against insurgents in the rebel city of Fallujah," Britain's Channel Four television said on its website, www.channel4.com.

In the dense and dangerous Baghdad slum of Sadr City, a weapons surrender was extended for 48 hours after far fewer arms were turned in than expected under the deal between rebel cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's militiamen and the interim Iraqi government. Capt. Brian O'Malley, a spokesman for the 1st Cavalry, said the quality of arms turned in had improved slightly, but "we still have not seen the thousands of weapons and (homemade bombs) that we are expecting." At the club-turned-arsenal, many residents expressed disdain for the plan and said they were participating only to earn fast cash. A 35-year-old housewife, Samira Hussein, said she turned in a mortar round she found in a garbage heap. She had no plans to give up the better weapons her family keeps at home. "I'll hand over the useless weapons and keep the machine gun to fight our enemies," she said. "By enemies I mean the Americans and anyone else who is against our religion and our government."

Reservist To Plead Guilty In Iraq Abuse: Staff Sgt. Ivan L. "Chip" Frederick, 38, will admit to assault, maltreating a detainee, committing an indecent act and dereliction of duty. Frederick, of Buckingham, Va., is the highest-ranking member of the 372nd Military Police Company charged in the scandal.

Article 32 hearing in death of Iraqi man concludes: By all accounts, Capt. Maynulet, known by friends as “Roger,” was the consummate soldier. One former commander said the young officer was destined to become “easily, a brigade commander or higher.” And yet, Thursday found Maynulet in a military courtroom for a pretrial hearing relating to the death of an Iraqi man on May 21. The 29-year-old officer has been charged with premeditated murder and dereliction of duty.


<>Analysis: Iraq's Barbed Realities: A Reporter Reflects on How the U.S. Got Caught in a Trap of Its Own Making

Opinion: Iraq Disaster Will Haunt Future Generations: It quite takes the breath away; the British thought they could fix the Middle East in 14 days. And so we laid the borders of Iraq and laid out the future for what Churchill would, much later, refer to as the "hell disaster’’ of Palestine. Had we really "fixed" the Middle East, I wouldn’t have spent the last 29 years of my life travelling from one bloody war to another amid the lies and deceit of our leaders and the surrogates they appointed to rule over the Arabs. Had we really "fixed" the Middle East, Ken Bigley would not have been murdered in Iraq last week.


<>Local story: Cobb County, Georgia, DynCorp employee killed in Baghdad bombings

Local story: Schweinfurt garrison remembers Santa Cruz soldier

Worthwhile Cause: Adopt-A-Minefield: “As many of you know, my twenty-one year old nephew Marine Corporal Travis Bradach-Nall was killed in an explosion, while assisting with landmine removal near Karbala, Iraq on July 2, 2003. As a memorial to Travis, his mother Lynn Bradach and the rest of our family have been supporting the works of Adopt-A-Minefield ("AAM").”


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