Thursday, September 23, 2004

War News for September 23, 2004 Bring ‘em on: Insurgents reportedly execute two Italian hostages. Bring ‘em on: Heavy fighting, air strikes continue in Sadr City. Bring ‘em on: Iraqi oil official assassinated near Mosul. Bring ‘em on: One US soldier killed in patrol ambush near Mosul. Bring ‘em on: One US soldier killed, four wounded in Baghdad car bombing. Bring ‘em on: US patrol attacked near Samarra. Bring ‘em on: Retaliatory air strikes, further fighting reported near Samarra. How to piss off the most powerful man in Iraq. “According to people with knowledge of the talks, Ayatollah Sistani is concerned that the nascent democratic process here is falling under the control of a handful of the largest political parties, which cooperated with the American occupation and are comprised largely of exiles. In particular, these sources say, Ayatollah Sistani is worried about discussions now under way among those parties to form a single ticket for the elections, thus limiting the choices of voters and smothering smaller political parties.” New Zealand withdraws troops from Iraq. Secret Service investigates angry mother of KIA soldier. Idiot. “President George W. Bush corrected himself Wednesday after mixing up the names of terrorists Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas during several recent campaign speeches.” Another idiot. “The rise in the number and ferocity of terrorist attacks by insurgents in Iraq is proof that they are getting weaker, not stronger, according to Iraq's interim prime minister, Ayad Allawi.” Allawi has the RNC talking points down pat. Up is down, black is white, increased insurgent activity means they’re only getting weaker, and the only reason people don’t believe it is because of the liberal media. Lieutenant AWOL at the UN. European newspapers, including some that supported the American military campaign in Iraq, were largely critical of Mr. Bush's address on Tuesday to the United Nations, accusing him of being unrealistic about the worsening situation in Iraq. The Financial Times contended in its lead editorial that the Bush administration ‘systematically refused to engage with what actually has happened in Iraq’ - namely, in the newspaper's view, that American policy ‘mistakes’ had "handed the initiative to jihadi terrorists" who ‘now have a new base from which to challenge the West and moderate Islam.’” Casualty Reports Local story: North Dakota soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Texas Marine killed in Iraq. Local Story: Ohio Air National Guardsman wounded in Iraq. Local story: Alabama Guardsman wounded in Iraq. Local story: Colorado soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: New York Guardsman wounded in Iraq. 86-43-04. Pass it on.


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