Friday, August 20, 2004

Ivan Watson Is A Certified Shithead For the past two days, I’ve been listening to NPR’s Baghdad correspondent trying to explain the situation in Najaf. From his Green Zone command post, Ivan has breathlessly reported the confusing and contradictory statements from the Allawi gang, first promising a cease-fire, then threatening to kick some Sadr ass, now saying another cease-fire might happen. Meanwhile, an NPR Iraqi translator in Najaf has consistently reported heavy and unrelenting fighting for the last two days. The difference between Watson’s commentary and the reports from the Iraqi translator made me wonder if they were reporting from the same planet. Now, I just heard Watson try to explain the difference by beginning his broadcast wondering if all the bullshit he has heard from the Allawi gang is due to some clever psychological-warfare between the Allawi gang and al-Sadr, or whether it’s due to some understandable confusion. Ivan, here’s a clue: those bastards in Baghdad are lying to you. They’re spinning a story while your translator in Najaf is giving you the straight scoop. Next time you try playing war correspondent, invest in a bullshit detector. 86-43-04. Pass it on.


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