Wednesday, April 28, 2004

War News for April 28, 2004 Bring ‘em on: Fighting continues in Fallujah. Bring ‘em on: One US soldier killed, one wounded in Baghdad ambush. Bring ‘em on: One Ukrainian soldier killed, two wounded in ambush near Zubadia. Bring ‘em on: Two US security contractors killed, one wounded by roadside bomb in Iraq. Bring ‘em on: Attempted assassination of Iraqi police chief reported in Baghdad. US helicopter crashes near Kut due to “engine malfunction.” Brahimi warns US not to attack Fallujah. “Brahimi said that U.S. occupation authorities in Iraq are ‘well aware that, unless this standoff - and now this fighting - is brought to a resolution through peaceful means, there is great risk of a very bloody confrontation. They know as well as, indeed better than everyone else, that the consequences of such bloodshed could be dramatic and long-lasting.’ The warning is significant, because Brahimi is the man newly entrusted by the White House to assume the lead in preparing for a handoff of political power in Iraq on June 30 from the U.S.-led occupation authority to an interim government composed of Iraqis.” Lieutenant AWOL replied that he doesn't need a permission slip from the UN to make idiotic blunders. Iraqis are as happy with the new flag as they are with everything else Baghdad fashion maven and incompetent administrator L. Paul Bremer has managed to screw up in the last year. “The outburst of fury over the flag highlights the extraordinary ability of US leaders and the Iraqi Governing Council to alienate ordinary Iraqis, already angered by the bloody sieges of Fallujah and Karbala. And yesterday, in the hotbed of Iraqi rebellion, the flag was burnt in public in a demonstration of public anger.” In response, House Republicans called for a flag-burning amendment to the Iraqi constitution. Brahimi says Iraqi caretaker government can be formed in May. Meanwhile, John Negroponte plays word games with the US Senate. “Negroponte said it was unfair to say that Iraq's government would lack sovereignty. Rather, he said, it will simply be unable to exercise full sovereignty immediately.” As usual, the Bush administration is working at cross-purposes. Brahimi wants to transfer real sovereignty, with authority to function as a sovereign power, to an Iraqi caretaker government while Negroponte is planning another bait-and-switch con job. Billmon has some illuminating comparisons about the Bush administration’s plans for Iraqi “sovereignty” and Manchukuo over at the Whiskey Bar. Soldiers suffer eye injuries in Iraq. Bulgaria calls for strong UN role in Iraq. “Parvanov said he would meet with Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski soon and they would jointly push for a strong United Nations role in Iraq.” Looks like Parvanov and Kwasniewski have had a bellyful of Lieutenant AWOL’s “Coalition of the Willing” crap. Japanese and Singaporean embassies in Malaysia receive threats over sending troops to Iraq. Filipino workers bolt Mosul, claim they were tricked into working in a war zone. I wonder which contractor pulled this little stunt. Pipeline attacks often unreported. “The list, by no means complete, reports 35 major and severely damaging attacks from June 12 to the end of the year and gives a total of eight major attacks from January 2004 through April, a major attack taking place on March 25, when there was a blast at the main oil well in northern Iraq that feeds exports through Qazzaz, a chief installation of the Northern Iraqi Oil Company that caused ‘massive damage,’ according to a company official quoted by Luft. An executive of Hess Oil, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed this: ‘These security arrangements of ours aren't working, nor are they preventing sabotage. The pipelines remain very vulnerable, and the attacks on pipelines simply aren't being reported.’” Which is why Wolfie can lie to Congress with impunity on this matter. Basra oil facility attack drives up petroleum prices worldwide. CPA still can’t get the juice turned on. "Targets for the restoration of Iraq's power supply will have to be downgraded soon unless there is an improvement in poor security that has forced all but a handful of foreign energy contractors to withdraw from the country, Raad al-Haris, deputy minister for electricity, told the Financial Times yesterday…Baghdad is receiving four hours of electricity followed by two hours of cuts. In the rest of the country supply was about three hours on, three hours off, he said." River has a recent post (april 23d) that contradicts the four-on, two-off electric power schedule in Baghdad. General Clark spanks Lieutenant AWOL. “Although President Bush has not engaged personally in such accusations, he has done nothing to stop others from making them. I believe those who didn't serve, or didn't show up for service, should have the decency to respect those who did serve — often under the most dangerous conditions, with bravery and, yes, with undeniable patriotism.” Help is on the way. “The military is demanding two Sierra Nevada ski resorts return howitzers used for avalanche control, saying the weapons are needed by troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.” California withdraws National Guard troops from guarding the Golden Gate bridge. "The decision was approved by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger despite repeated appeals by bridge district officials to keep the soldiers there…Winuk said the withdrawal has nothing to do with the United States' growing commitment overseas, where close to 3,000 of California's Guard troops are now serving. He added, however, that some of the soldiers could end up in Iraq.” Casualty Reports Local story: Pennsylvania Guardsman killed in Iraq. Local story: Maine soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: New Mexico Marine killed in Iraq. Local story: Arkansas Guardsman killed in Iraq. Local story: Arkansas Guardsman killed in Iraq. Local story: Texas Marine killed in Iraq. Local story: South Dakota Guardsman dies in Iraq. Local story: Pennsylvania Guardsman wounded in Iraq. Local story: California contractor killed in Iraq. 86-43-04. Pass it on.


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