Thursday, April 22, 2004

War News for April 21 and 22, 2004 draft Bring 'em on: Four British soldiers wounded by car bomb near Zubair. Bring 'em on: Sixty-eight Iraqis killed in four car bombings near Basra. Bring 'em on: Twenty-two Iraqis killed, 90 wounded in mortar barrage at Abu Ghraib prison. Bring 'em on: Kidnapped Danish businessman executed in Iraq. Bring 'em on: Dutch troops under mortar fire near Samawah. Bring 'em on: One Iraqi killed in incident at Dutch checkpoint nearAr Rumaytah . Bring 'em on: Nine Iraqis killed, three US Marines wounded in fighting near Fallujah. Bring 'em on: Four insurgents killed, one US soldier wounded in firefight near Jebel Himrin. Bring 'em on: Spaniard assassinated, Iraqi translator wounded in Baghdad. Bring 'em on: French journalist killed in Baghdad. One US soldier killed, two injured in road accident near Balad. Two US Generals sound off. "The generals stopped short of criticizing the policy. But their remarks on Tuesday reflect a growing anger and frustration among many senior U.S. commanders that the policy is excluding many of the skilled Iraqi professionals needed to help the country's political and economic reconstruction, especially in the restive Sunni heartland, even as U.S. officials seek to broker a transfer to Iraqi sovereignty after June 30." Commentary Analysis: "Evidence that the US plans to impose itself on future Iraqi governments is embedded in the interim constitution passed by the IGC: all laws and regulations emanating from the CPA must be recognized as valid in the future. Whether this clause is to be retained in the permanent constitution is not known. Many CPA regulations are designed to control the economy. For example, they include rules to speed the privatization of Iraq's state enterprises and property, and for the disposition of the country's petroleum resources. The CPA has also established a number of 'independent' regulators to share power in various government ministries." Casualty Reports Local story: Texas soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Ohio Marine killed in Iraq. Local story: Vermont soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Missouri soldier dies of wounds received in Iraq. Local story: Oregon Marine killed in Iraq. Local story: New York Marine killed in Iraq. Local story: California soldier dies in Iraq. Local story: Florida soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Pennsylvania soldier dies in Iraq. Local story: Michigan truck driver killed in Iraq. Local story: Louisiana truck driver killed in Iraq.


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