Saturday, February 21, 2004

War News for February 20 and 21, 2004 Bring 'em on: Iraqi translator killed, four US soldiers wounded in ambush near Iskandariyah. Bring 'em on: One US soldier wounded in bomb ambush near Balad. Bring 'em on: Former Republican Guard officer assassinated in Kirkuk. Bring 'em on: Two attacks reported against US troops near Tikrit. Bring 'em on: US troops under fire in Ramadi, bomb discovered near mayor's residence. US soldier killed in traffic accident near Balad. Iraqi Resistance Report: February 15 - 18, 2004. L. Paul Bremer says no elections for elections 15 months. Al-Sistani calls for intifada if US troops remain past June 30th handover. Iraqi Kurds resist US demands for autonomy. " Iraqi leaders on both sides of the negotiations say the talks on the constitution are deadlocked over three main issues: the fate of the 60,000-member Kurdish militia, which Kurdish leaders want to keep; the boundaries of the autonomous Kurdish region, which Kurdish leaders want to expand; and the amount of oil revenue to be set aside for the Kurdish region…They say they are especially embittered by American leaders, who they say have forgotten the special relationship that grew up between the Kurds and the United States in the Persian Gulf war of 1991, when they were united against Saddam Hussein. 'Have the Americans forgotten that the Kurds are their best friends in the Middle East?' said Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish member of the Iraqi Governing Council. Sorry, but you guys have just been Bush-whacked. Operation Cut and Run: Lieutenant AWOL wants UN help to clean up his mess. CIA replaces Baghdad station chief. Chalabi admits feeding bogus intelligence to gullible neo-cons, thumbs his nose at Lieutenant AWOL. "Mr Chalabi shrugged off charges that he had deliberately misled US intelligence. 'We are heroes in error,' he said. 'As far as we're concerned we've been entirely successful. Our objective has been achieved. That tyrant Saddam is gone and the Americans are in Baghdad. What was said before is not important. The Bush Administration is looking for a scapegoat. We're ready to fall on our swords if he [Mr Bush] wants.' General Myers won't say how long US troops will be in Iraq. "With more than 100,000 fresh U.S. troops beginning to arrive in Iraq, Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he could not say how many American troops would eventually be sent or for how long. 'It's unknowable,' Myers told reporters in Washington when asked how long U.S. troops will have to stay in Iraq to ensure a peaceful transition to democratic rule. 'If I gave a good professional estimate, then that would be a standard that people would point to,' Myers said. 'And knowing that we can't know it perfectly, we'd get hammered.' He said the Pentagon is 'going to have to let events dictate' when the military can leave." Remembering, of course, that Rummy shitcanned and humiliated General Shinseki, the last officer who gave a professional and honest estimate of occupation costs, and remembering Lieutenant AWOL selected Myers as CJCS for his ability to hype NMD, it's not surprising that Myers won't give a "professional" estimate. He doesn't have one. Lakeitel...er, entschuldigung, Herr Gerneral...Myers, you are a pussy. Shafted soldiers get bonus. "Army officials have settled on a compensation plan that would give soldiers whose tours in Iraq have been involuntarily extended a tax-free bonus of up to $1,000 each month." Childrens hospitals in Iraq. Slain soldier's mother sounds off. "Secretary of State Colin Powell's appearance at a Princeton University conference yesterday drew a group of protesters lined up on Nassau Street, across from the school's entrance. Among them was Sue Niederer, whose son, Army 2nd Lt. Seth Dvorin, was killed on Feb. 4 by a roadside bomb in Iraq. 'You killed my son,' Niederer shouted as the limousine passed by the crowd of people holding signs that labeled Powell a liar, murderer and war criminal." Mayor and two two US-trained ICDC members arrested in conjunction with Fallujah insurgent raid. Local Iraqi contract workers paying a high price. "One day last week, Iraqi driver Qassim Ali Al-Janabi rolled up to the Green Zone gate with a truckload of barriers. Al-Janabi has a short trip from a factory in downtown Baghdad, but he said Iraqis unhappy that he is working with Americans continually harass him. His truck is pierced with bullet holes, and someone broke his windshield with a rock. The most dangerous part of his work is when he is exposed while loading the barriers onto the truck, he said. Two drivers from his company were killed making deliveries, he said." I wonder how much Halliburton is paying these guys? Casualty Reports Local story: Kentucky soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Pennsylvania soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: Florida soldier wounded in Iraq. Awards and Decorations Local story: Alabama soldier decorated for valor. 86-43-04. Pass it on.


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