Saturday, December 20, 2003

War News for December 20, 2003 Bring 'em on: Iraqi police kill insurgents planting roadside bombs near Kirkuk. Bring 'em on: Assassination attempt against former Ba'athist reported in Najaf. Bring 'em on: Iraqi guard shot at UN office in Mosul. Poles impose curfew in Karbala. US troops mistakenly shoot three Iraqi police near Salman Pak. IGC mired in corruption and cronyism. "'Here we have some people who see an opportunity to become rich overnight and they see it's a free-for-all,' said Sam Kubba, a Virginia architect who heads the American-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and recently returned from Baghdad. 'It just takes one rotten apple to make the whole basket rot and the unfortunate thing is that the CPA has done nothing to quench it.'" Corruption and cronyism are the hallmarks of Lieutenant AWOL's administration, too. More on Iraqi reaction to CPA gasoline rationing. Libya says it will abandon WMD programs and allow unconditional access for UN inspectors. Lieutenant AWOL claims success. But on October 1, 2002, Iraq allowed unconditional access for UN weapons inspectors, and Lieutenant AWOL called it failure. Bremer "not targeted" in ambush, says CPA spokesman. Let's see, so far we've had insurgents fire SAMS at military aircraft when Rummy visited, shoot Katyushas at Wolfie's hotel, and mortar Jack Straw. If this is all random coincidence, the insurgency is much, much worse than the Bushies are admitting. This is how conservatives support our troops. The sorry state of the American media. "Is there no dividing line between the `Bushies' and the US media?" Commentary Opinion: Winning and losing. " Such is the bind that the Bush Administration has led us into in Iraq. Appalling, intolerable—in all senses, maddening—as the terrorist tactics of the Iraqi insurgents may be, their truck bombs, donkey-cart missile launchers, and sniper rifles are tactical political instruments that have steadily and systematically succeeded in isolating American forces in Iraq. They have effectively driven the United Nations, the international staff of the Red Cross, and other aid groups from the country, and—more disastrously—they have fostered a mutual sense of alienation between the American forces and the Iraqi people they are supposed to be liberating. Triumphalist pronouncements from Washington notwithstanding, our occupying forces are now clearly on the defensive. And the more aggressive their defense becomes, the more it serves the insurgents’ purposes. " Casualty Reports Local story: Indiana soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: Montana soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: Georgia soldier killed in Iraq. Awards Local story: Pennsylvania soldier decorated for valor.


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