Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Here in western Washington State, we had our first significant snowfall. When I left for work tonight, I saw about four inches of fresh powder snow on the ground. I live in the country. The land here in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains is blanketed by green forests and small farms with red barns. The boughs of the firs and evergreens surrounding my own house and barn are heavy with snow. There is something breathtakingly spectacular about a rural snowfall. On winter nights like this, I almost always find serenity in the peaceful countryside, the smell of the cedar smoke from my neighbors' wood stoves and the silent majesty of lightly falling snow captured in the headlights of my truck as I drive to work. But since the stuff is all over the road, my goddam truck is now stuck fender-deep in a drainage ditch full of cow shit across the road from a stinking dairy farm and I just walked five miles back to my house through this cold, wet crap with every mangy-assed farm dog on that miserable road yapping at me, I am not a happy son of a bitch tonight. So there won’t be an update tonight. I’m going to break out some scotch and listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Bucky Pizarelli while I sit by the fireplace. Tomorrow I’ll call one of my farmer neighbors and borrow a tractor to pull my truck out of the muck, so there might not be an update for a couple of days. Happy New Year to all of you.


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