Thursday, November 06, 2003

War News for November 6, 2003 Bring 'em on: US soldier killed, two wounded in RPG ambush near Mahmudiyah. Bring 'em on: Polish soldier killed in ambush near Karbala. Bring 'em on: US soldier killed by land mine near Syrian border. Bring 'em on: Three US convoys attacked with RPG fire and roadside bombs near Mosul. Three Iraqis killed and five US soldiers wounded. Bring 'em on: Iraqi judge assassinated in Kirkuk. Bring 'em on: More explosions reported in central Baghdad. Bring 'em on: Iraqi police station mortared in Baquba. About 43,000 more Guardsmen alerted for activation and deployment. A Feith-based scape goat. "But, more to the point, virtually everything that has gone wrong in Iraq - especially those matters that Congress is either investigating or is poised to probe - is linked directly to his office. 'All roads lead to Feith,' noted one knowledgeable administration official this week." Iraqi governor calls strike in Najaf to portest lack of security. Evidently he made that announcement at a news conference right in front of L. Paul Bremer, too. Touring in Iraq isn't the best way to spend your vacation. Clark articulates strategy for Iraq. Which is something Lieutenant AWOL and his armchair field marshals have NEVER done, because they have no plan. Colorado soldier faces desertion charges. Maybe she can get a pardon from the Deserter-in-Chief. Casualty Reports Local story: Pennsylvania soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Puerto Rico soldier killed in Iraq.


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