Saturday, November 22, 2003

War News for November 22, 2003 Bring ‘em on: Five soldiers wounded in missile attack in Baghdad on Thursday. Bring ‘em on: CENTCOM reports one US soldier killed by roadside bomb ambush near Baquba. Bring ‘em on: Car bomb kills six Iraqi policemen in town north of Baghdad. Bring ‘em on: Car bomb kills 15 – 25 at Iraqi police station in central Baquba. Bring ‘em on: Insurgents strike civilian cargo aircraft with SA-7 missile at Baghdad International Airport. Bring ‘em on: Kuwaiti sportscaster killed near Basra; Fedayeen target Kuwait. Bring ‘em on: Iraqi mosque mortared in Baghdad. Rummy says Bush’s War will be “long and costly.” That’s what the professional soldier General Shinseki tried to tell us back in January but amateur Feldherr Rummy der Grosse shouted him down. Everything is long and costly with these clowns in charge. Anti-US attacks increase in Mosul. Instability in Nasiriyah causes foreign journalists to abandon city. Rummy throws tissy-fit about Arabic TV stations. Hey, Rummy, here’s something else you screwed up. You and your neo-con buddies deliberately undercut efforts by Charlotte Beers to conduct a pro-American information campaign in the Muslim world. Instead, you focused on a pathetic attempt by fashion maven L. Paul Bremer to run an Iraqi TV station. Within two months the entire Iraqi staff resigned, saying the bullshit Bremer was trying to peddle was unbelievable. The US information campaign is a miserable failure and you’re in charge. Stop blaming others for your incompetence. L. Paul Bremer fires 28,000 Iraqi teachers. Probably the stupidest he’s done since he fired 400,000 Iraqi soldiers. Army plans for 100,000 US troops in Iraq until at least 2006. Why didn't Feldherr Rummy der Grosse didn't listen to General Shinseki back in January? Bush’s War provides a boost to al-Qaeda. “The American invasion and occupation of Iraq has provided al-Qaida with a powerful propaganda tool in its holy war against the West, injecting new energy into the worldwide network even though many of its key operatives are in jail or dead, its top leadership is on the run and its sources of money are shrinking, according to international security analysts…’Iraq is a rallying cause for al-Qaida - it's allowed them to attract new recruits,’ said Kenneth Katzman, a terrorism specialist at the Congressional Research Service, the think tank for the House and Senate. ‘This was an organization that was under enormous pressure. Iraq has put new wind in its sails, definitely.’” Bush is losing the war against Al-Qaeda. “Struggling in the intelligence war, Bush is being suckered into escalating cycles of violence in Iraq - lashing out with a resumption of high-powered aerial strikes - and at home he seems to be losing the political war.” Capturing Osama “not essential” says General Pace. What happened to Lieutenant AWOL’s “dead or alive” bullshit? Breaking News: Republicans say Bush is a Great Leader in the war on terror. Insurgents using deadly ingenuity. Four days in Baghdad. Two CPA officials under investigation by Pentagon for taking bribes. These are the same investigators who cleared Richard Perle of influence peddling. Commentary Editorial: Bush’s War is a distraction from the real threat. “But Bush chose instead to focus on Iraq. He presented to the world evidence that Iraq threatened the world and was linked to terrorism, and he went to war, with Britain and Spain by his side. The evidence proved untrue, and the quick conventional war he started has turned into a prolonged war of attrition. It's now clear that Iraq did not pose an imminent threat to the United States or anyone else.” Casualty Reports Local story: North Carolina soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: North Dakota soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: US Army Sergeant Major loses son in Iraq. Local story: Illinois soldier dies of wounds. Operation Cut and Run Back to the drawing boards: “It's being called ‘Plan C' for Iraq: Establish security by June or sooner, and transfer authority to a provisional Iraqi government by July.”


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