Sunday, November 02, 2003

War News for November 2, 2003 Bring ‘em on: US helicopter shot down near Baghdad. Fifteen US soldiers killed, 20 wounded. UPI had an embedded reporter on one of the medevac birds. Bring ‘em on: US soldier killed in bomb ambush in Baghdad. Bring ‘em on: Approximately 33 attacks on US troops every day in Iraq. Bring ‘em on: US convoy attacked near Heet. Bring ‘em on: Fighting continues in Baghdad suburbs. US and Iraqi casualties reported. Bring ‘em on: US convoy attacked by roadside bomb near Fallujah. Four US soldiers reported killed. “Black Week:” Is this the beginning of a sustained insurgent offensive? October bloodiest month since Bush declared an end to major combat operations. Assassinations surge in Iraq. Analysis: “The rocket attack on the al-Rashid Hotel, where the Americans who run Baghdad live, and the rash of suicide car bombings of the Red Cross and Iraqi police stations are not the desperate acts of desperate men, as President Bush declared.” Soldier prosecuted for AWOL. “A soldier forced to choose between her family and her career chose her children over the Army and now faces the punishment that being AWOL is sure to bring…Simone Holcomb and her husband of three years, Vaughn Holcomb, also a soldier, were both sent to Iraq early this year.” What’s the problem? We have a Commander in Chief, who when forced to choose between a urinalysis and AWOL chose to go over the hill. Nothing happened to him. Soldiers write letters home. “Saari and other soldiers from the Northland confirm what has seemed likely to many observers who monitor the postwar news from half a world away. Iraq has become a more unpredictable and more dangerous place since President Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1.” Coalition of the Wobbly: Japan may ask US forces to guard Japanese SDF in Iraq. The schools might be open, but Bremer's piss-poor security makes parents keep the kids at home. A good news story from Iraq. Americans, including our soldiers, are basically decent, compassionate people – like most of the world’s population. I hope that people realize that it’s our unelected leadership that is dishonorable, corrupt and perverse. New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Helen Clark, visits troops in Iraq. President Clinton had the balls to visit the troops when they were deployed, and he participated in the military honor ceremonies for the KIAs at Dover. Is there a reason our troops have to settle for a quickie from Wolfie? Or is Lieutenant AWOL scared of a bad photo op? Kentucky Air National Guardsman receives Silver Star for valor. Idiot Watch "What it was is a bad day, a bad day," said Rumsfeld today after 15 US soldiers were killed when Iraqi insurgents shot down their helicopter. This is getting to be a weekly tradition with these clowns. Conservative fashion maven L. Paul Bremer said the same thing last week when all hell broke loose in Baghdad and insurgents tried to shoot a Katyusha up Wolfie's ass: "We certainly had a bad day." Casualty Report Local story: Iowa soldier wounded in Iraq. Home Front Bush reelection campaign in full swing. Objectives: Raise money. Minimize Iraq blunders. Craft hot-button wedge issues.


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