Tuesday, November 18, 2003

War News for November 18, 2003 Bring ‘em on: Two US soldiers wounded in bomb ambush in Mosul. Bring ‘em on: One US soldier killed, two wounded in RPG ambush near Balad. Bring ‘em on: US soldier killed in bomb ambush near Balad. Bring ‘em on: RPG attacks reported on two oil pipelines near Kirkuk. Bring ‘em on: Surface-to-air missiles fired at US C-130 transport aircraft at Baghdad International Airport. Bring ‘em on: Gunfire reported near Japanese embassy in Baghdad. Bring ‘em on: US contractor killed by land mine near Tikrit. CENTCOM reports one US soldier died from a non-hostile gunshot wound. Major power disruptions continue in Baghdad. New Iraqi police force receives minimal training and screening. US troops begin joint patrols with new Iraqi police in Ramadi. US Army will provide more pipeline security by November 15. US troops accidentally kill three Iraqi civilians at Baghdad gun market. Oil for food program ends on Thursday. Another GI’s mom who didn’t get a hug sounds off. Some American politicians find time to visit wounded US troops. US troops begin to destroy homes of suspected insurgents. Whose brilliant idea was this? Who approved this policy? This is exactly what the Israelis have been doing for the last 20 years, and you can see how much success they have had. Lieutenant AWOL continues to milk the sympathy vote. “’I understand particularly when I go and hug the mums and dads and brothers and sisters and sons and daughters of those who died,’ today's edition of The Sun newspaper in London quoted him as saying.” The reality is that the lying poltroon doesn’t even want the casualties to receive military honors because he’s afraid the pictures might make him look bad. Analysis: Deteriorating situation in Iraq. “Unfortunately, like so much else associated with the US-led war against Iraq and its aftermath, events appear to be driven primarily by America’s political agenda rather than one that is in the best interests of the Iraqi people.” Which, of course, is exactly why the situation is deteriorating so rapidly. Attacks on oil facilities increasing. Chicago father visits soldier son in Iraq. The banner on the family home says it all: Proud of our soldier - Ashamed of our President. Wounded US soldiers are overloading the Army’s medical system. “Because of the overloaded system, the Army's treatment and evaluation process is taking far too long, according to Robinson and other critics. ‘It doesn't make sense. I know of people who are giving up their benefits to simply be allowed to go home, and others are leaving to go back to their homes without filing proper claims and not receiving proper medical care,’ said the veterans advocate.” Coalition of the Wobbly: Philippine President says she will withdraw troops from Iraq if security continues to deteriorate. Casualty Reports Local story: Mississippi soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Texas soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: South Dakota soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: West Virginia soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: More about a young North Carolina soldier killed in Iraq and already mentioned in yesterday's Casualty Report. Local story: Missouri soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: Pennsylvania soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Illinois soldier wounded in Iraq. Operation Cut and Run Bushies want UN to save Lieutenant AWOL. “Nevertheless, Powell said in Washington, ‘I think it's time now with this new plan for the United Nations to determine whether or not circumstances will permit it to play a more active role inside the country.’” Bush’s “strategy” may lead to civil war in Iraq. “Clearly Bush wants the imagery of thousands of troops coming home as a backdrop for his election campaign. But that would be a dangerous collision of his foreign and domestic agendas because in truth, the US is likely to be stuck in its Iraq quagmire - we can now call it that - for years to come.”


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