Saturday, November 15, 2003

War News for November 15, 2003 Bring ‘em on: One US soldier killed, two wounded in Baghdad bomb ambush. Bring ‘em on: Total casualties from Bush’s War exceed 9,200. Bring ‘em on: US forces Iraqi translator killed in Mosul ambush. Bring ‘em on: Witnesses report US casualties in second Baghdad bombing. Bring ‘em on: Large explosion, smoke plumes reported near Bremer’s compound in central Baghdad. Bring 'em on: Twelve US soldiers killed, 9 wounded after helicopters collide during RPG attack in Mosul. According to this report, the US helicopters were responding to assist a US infantry patrol that had been ambushed in a residential section of Mosul when one was struck by an RPG. Bring 'em on: Train derailed by explosion near Samarra. Cleric warns US military operations will “make things worse.” Walter Reed Hospital: The wounded “just keep coming.” German defense minister visits wounded US troops at Landstuhl Army Hospital. Soldier sounds off on talk radio. “Macek's strident criticism of President Bush may have opened her up to disciplinary action according to US Central Command Spokesmen Major Pete Mitchell based at McDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida. ‘If she has said these things about the Commander-in-Chief she has opened herself up to disciplinary action,’ said Mitchell.” What about those two dingbat colonels in the 82d Airborne who are busy organizing phony astroturf campaigns from a combat zone? European views of Bush’s Quagmire. Which is about to become their quagmire. Analysis: Lots of potential for corruption when the Bushies cut and run. L. Paul Bremer tosses some scraps to the poodle. “Paul Bremer, the US civil administrator in Baghdad, has been pushing for British firms to be included in the new round of bidding. He told The Times last weekend that he was "entirely sympathetic" to the argument that Britain's military contribution had earned that right. Commentary Editorial: Japan must look closely at Iraq. “Conditions on the ground in Iraq are too far removed from those envisioned by the special measures law passed by the Diet for sending SDF troops.” Editorial: Bush can’t hide the human toll from Iraq. “It may seem parochial, but the death of one American soldier at the hands of enemy forces will matter more to American citizens than the issuance of new currency for 20 million Iraqis. On any given day, that is the story from Iraq, the story of the ultimate price of this war. It cannot, should not, be minimized.” Editorial: “‘You not only have a former Guardsman in the White House, you have a friend,’ President Bush declared during a 2001 visit to an Air National Guard base.” Read this to see how Bush screwed Guardsmen. Casualty Reports Local story: Pennsylvania soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Florida soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: Texas Guardsman wounded in Iraq. Rant of the Day The Bushies are getting ready to cut and run. How do I know? When was the last time you heard them chanting their “stay the course” slogan? This war was always about domestic politics and keeping Bush’s poll numbers propped up. There were never any WMDs in Iraq and they knew it. There was never any connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda and they knew it. Professionals in our own government warned them that all hell would break loose if they invaded Iraq, but they chose to believe the neo-cons and Chalabi’s exiles. They went in half-assed, without a plan, without support and now they find themselves in a political trouble at home. The problem is that the Bushies never think about long-term consequences. From the minute they launched the first Tomahawk strikes on Baghdad in March, the Bushies painted the United States into a very small corner. There are no good options for America, thanks to the ineptitude and incompetence of George W. Bush and his handlers. Some options are better than others. But you can bet that the Bushies will choose the course of action that limits their short-term political pain at the expense of long-term cost to America. So we’re back to domestic politics and propping up Bush. Cut and run, blame somebody else, and to hell with the consequences. I'm starting a new section on this blog just to track Operation Cut and Run. Like everything else on this blog, it'll evolve with time as the Bushies make their "plans" (for want of a better word) clear. Oh, by the way, there's one other way I know they're going to cut and run: that's Dubya's style. The pattern of his entire wasted life has been to leave an enormous pile of shit everywhere he goes and expect others to clean it up for him. Operation Cut and Run: Watch what they do, and listen carefully to what they say. What they’re doing: US works to expedite handover. Reports say US will hand over power by June. CENTCOM reinforces forward command post in Qatar. Sure looks like a precursor for a retrograde operation. What they’re saying: Bush says US will remin until Iraq is “free and peaceful.” The goalposts are moving. Rummy says no troop reductions in Iraq. Lieutenant AWOL begs international aid groups to remain in Iraq. “’It is very important for the leaders of the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to recognize that if they don't go into Baghdad, they're doing exactly what the terrorists want them to do,’ Bush told reporters.” Translation: Clean up this pile of shit while I cut and run.


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