Monday, October 06, 2003

War News for October 6, 2003 Bring ‘em on: RPGs fired at Bulgarian troops in Karbala. Bring ‘em on: US troops in “big firefight” with Iraqi citizens in Baiji. Police flee, police station burned. This article described the incident as an "uprising," and that might be an accurate description of events. Apparently there has been serious fighting in Baiji, a major oil center between Baghdad and Mosul, since Saturday afternoon: “…the other witnesses interviewed by The Associated Press estimated between 1,000 and 2,000 young and very well-armed men engaged the police and the U.S. soldiers.” Armchair Field Marshal and amateur diplomat Condi becomes new White House micro-manager for Iraq/Afghanistan operations, replacing armchair field marshals and amateur diplomats at Rumsfeld's DoD neo-con freak show. How will Condi ever find the time to read that National Intelligence Estimate and ensure Bush's speeches are bullshit-free with all this extra responsibility? What happened to all that nuclear material in Iraq? “In the weeks before the invasion, the U.S. military repeatedly warned the White House that its war plans did not include sufficient ground forces, air and naval operations and logistical support to guarantee a successful mission. Those warnings were discounted — even mocked — by administration officials who professed to know more about war fighting than the war fighters themselves. But the warfighters were right…Military commanders weren't given enough manpower and logistical support to secure all of the known nuclear sites, let alone all of the suspected ones. It wasn't until seven of Iraq's main nuclear facilities were extensively looted that the true magnitude of the administration's strategic blunder came into focus.” Analysis: US occupation took a turn for the worse in Septemeber. Report from a returning Iraqi: Bush’s blunders let the window of opportunity slam shut forever. Rep. Waxman documents Bush’s fraud, waste and abuse in reconstruction contracts. Why am I reading a letter from an American congressman to the Director of OMB citing specific allegations of US taxpayer abuse in a Middle Eastern financial newspaper and not in the US media? Apparently the folks at MEFNA care more about American taxpayers than the hacks at CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, WaPo, The New York Times and the rest of the US national media. President Clinton calls for greater UN participation in Iraq. Putin says US needs legitimacy in Iraq. “In an interview Saturday evening, Putin warned that Iraq could ‘become a new center, a new magnet for all destructive elements.’ He added, without naming them, that ‘a great number of members of different terrorist organizations’ have been drawn into the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein.” Somebody ought to tell Pooty-Poot that turning Iraq into terrorist “flypaper” was Condi’s brilliant plan all along. Turns out that $87 billion is actually $140 billion. “Several weeks ago, President Bush and his advisers seemed to believe they could persuade wealthy nations to pitch in $50 billion or so to fill the gap. It was another delusion borne aloft by hubris. Having dismissed the United Nations as a bunch of quarrelsome wimps and derided much of Western Europe as ‘chocolate makers,’ the Bush White House expected other nations to pony up for its war?” US closes Camp Cropper; detainees scattered to other facilities. Another military family member sounds off.


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