Tuesday, October 28, 2003

War News for October 28, 2003 Bring 'em on: Deputy mayor of Baghdad assassinated in drive-by shooting. Bring 'em on: Two bomb ambushes reported in Basra. One coalition soldier and two civilians killed. Bring ‘em on: Suicide bomber kills six at electric station in central Fallujah. Bring ‘em on: Three US and Polish soldiers killed in Karbala ambush. Thai troops warned to remain in barracks. Bring ‘em on: Four US soldiers wounded in separate convoy and patrol ambushes near Mosul. Bring ‘em on: Two US soldier’s were killed in yesterday’s firefight in Fallujah. Bring ‘em on: Iraqi gunmen captured firing at Polish aircraft in Karbala. Anger flows on Baghdad streets. Arab media blames US security failure for bloodbath in Baghdad. Bushies blame Syria and Iran for infiltrating terrorists into Iraq. Saudi fighters join insurgents in Iraq. New Hampshire helicopter pilot shot down in Iraq. Ramadan begins in Iraq. Analysis: Wolfowitz’s Wake-up Call. “Until now, US officials have contended that resistance is confined to die-hard loyalists - or what the Pentagon often refers to as "deadenders" - of ousted President Saddam Hussein, foreign jihadis inspired by or associated with al-Qaeda and common criminals, several thousand of whom were released from prison in a general amnesty just before the US-led invasion.” Powell urges international NGOs to remain in Iraq. It would be nice if they had some security, Colin. And it might also be helpful if you could get Bremer to stop baiting these groups with his “cut and run” talk. Idiot Watch Rep. Mark Green (R-WI) reports from Baghdad: “Much like President Bush, Green said reporting of the attacks in the media had overshadowed the accomplishments.” And Rep. Sue Kelly (R-NY) said "the trip reinforces her support for President Bush's request for $87 billion in security and reconstruction aid for Iraq." That’s what I call ‘staying on message’ in the face of overwhelming evidence. George Nethercutt throws a tantrum about a newspaper story. Why won’t George Nethercutt take personal responsibility for his words and deeds? Why does he insist on quibbling about punctuation in a newspaper story when everybody know he clearly said that the good news from Iraq is a better story than a few dead American soldiers every day? It might be helpful to remember that Nethercutt criticized Sen. Patty Murray last December when she told a high school class that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden was popular in poor countries because he has helped pay for schools, roads and even day care centers. Nethercutt said her comments were "shocking, bizarre and uninformed," and implied she was unpatriotic. Nethercutt, who somehow avoided military service during the Vietnam War, should admit that he values Republican Party loyalty above the national interest and places his loyalty to Lieutenant AWOL’s political hide above the lives of American soldiers, including his own constituents in the 81st Armored Brigade of the Washington National Guard. Why can’t George Nethercutt admit he’s an asshole instead of just acting like one? Commentary Editorial: Move swiftly to put Iraq’s turmoil in Iraqi hands. “The sight of a shaken Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, broadcast around the world, undercuts any brave talk about improving security for international aid groups and private corporations eventually hoping to do business in that country. Nonetheless, President Bush tried to suggest afterward that the attacks were in some bizarre fashion a testament to our success.” Editorial: Make reality the new policy. “The Bush administration claims to be making progress on its Iraq plan, but it still isn't clear that the administration even has a plan.” Editorial: Iraq’s “liberators” need to regroup. “U.S. President George Bush sees nothing more than the "desperate" acts of a few renegades in the wave of Baghdad terror bombings that have taken 40 lives in the past few days and wounded 230. American military commanders, however, fear something much worse.” Editorial: A Hard Place. “But the killing of U.S. troops, the approach of the 2004 presidential campaign and the persistent -- and justified -- questions about the way Bush took the country to war could strain that commitment.” Casualty Reports Local story: Alabama Guardsman killed, five wounded in Iraq. Local story: North Carolina soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Florida soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Wisconsin soldier killed in Iraq.


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