Sunday, October 26, 2003

War News for October 26, 2003 Bring ‘em on: Five US soldiers wounded in coordinated bomb and RPG ambush in Khaldiyah. Bring ‘em on: Two US soldiers wounded by bomb ambush in central Baquba. Bring ‘em on: Four US soldiers wounded in RPG attack six kilometers southwest of Baquba. Bring ‘em on: Multiple rockets strike al-Rasheed hotel in central Baghdad. “Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who appeared shaken as he spoke to reporters after the 6:10 a.m. attack, said he had unconfirmed reports that there may be one American dead. The U.S. military command spoke of an ‘unknown number of casualties.’” Reuters reports 15 wounded. Other reports say one US soldier killed, 15 people wounded, including four US soldiers. Convoy of British contractors shot up near Fallujah. CENTCOM denies the survivor’s account that US troops were responsible. Wolfie calls insurgents “criminals.” Gee, that’ll really show ‘em, Wolfie! Call those nasty insurgents some names and bring the full firepower of your neo-con rhetoric to bear. Conservative sophistry is always an effective combat multiplier, at least in the neat little chickenhawk world Wolfie inhabits where corner offices are considered key terrain features and crew-served weapons are the fucking Xerox machines. Wolfie tries to diminish the threat by labeling deadly ambushes against Americans troops “hit and run attacks,” as if the ambushers do nothing more serious than throw eggs at a police car before scampering back to the frat house. The problem with these cons is that they live in a fantasy world. L. Paul Bremer struts around on the Persian carpet in the most secure facility east of NORAD wearing his combat boots and three-piece suits and thinks people are impressed. Wolfie dresses up in a flak jacket and thinks he went on a patrol when he really went touring. Either he’s so stupid that he doesn’t realize that the local commander used every resource at his disposal to ensure his safety – including countering the the extra risk Wolfie’s mere presence brings – or he’s so cynical that he thinks people actually believe he went on a real combat patrol. In either case, he’s a clueless asshole. The Curse of Wolfie: “On his last trip back in July, Wolfowitz single-handedly whipped up a huge anti-American demonstration in the heart of the normally US-friendly Shi’i city of Najaf. This right after he stepped out of Imam Ali’s mosque there and proclaimed that he was “very pleased” with how things were going. Back then, people just thought the bad luck was a result of Wolfie forgetting to place a Karabala stone on top of his prayer mat.” I don't usually link to other blogs, but it's nice to know somebody else loathes this prick as much as I do. US warns of suicide attack against Baghdad hotel. US media afraid to report war casualties. Shi’ite threat growing in Iraq. How will Wolfie spin the story when Karbala and Najaf blow up? Oh, yeah...blame Saddam...that's the ticket...Coalition of the Willing,” my ass. “Yet when Iraqi police discovered armed men on a Karbala street after curfew earlier this month, it was American troops who went to disarm them. The Americans came under attack, and in the ensuing firefight three U.S. soldiers were killed and seven were wounded.” Military families protesting Bush’s War: “They may have held the record Saturday for most family members serving in Iraq: Their son, Joe, and his wife, Mary, are Army captains. A nephew is with the Army Reserve and in the military police in Baghdad. A niece with the Army Reserve is also with the military police in Baghdad. Another nephew in the Marines just returned from Baghdad. And another nephew in the Navy just returned from the war theater on a submarine.” I can’t wait to hear the cons call these people unpatriotic. Commentary Fight the war on terror by giving Iraq back to the Iraqis: “The real flaw in the Bush administration's approach to terrorism — and it's reflected in the Rumsfeld memo — is that it scrupulously avoids addressing the grievances that seem to drive people to terrorism.” War reporting: “It doesn't mean being stenographers for whatever administration is in power.” Howie Kurtz, listen up! Casualty Report Local story: Florida soldier wounded in Iraq.


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