Saturday, October 25, 2003

War News for October 25, 2003 Bring ‘em on: US Army helicopter shot down by ground fire near Tikrit. One injured. They were probably trying to shoot down that dipshit Wolfowitz, who was in Tikrit earlier today. Bring ‘em on: Mortar and bomb attacks against US troops reported in Kirkuk. Bring ‘em on: Iraqi police attacked in Mosul. Two children killed, three other civilians and one policeman wounded. Bring ‘em on: Three US soldiers wounded in Baghdad bomb ambush. Bring ‘em on: US patrol ambushed in Baghdad. Three Iraqi family members accidentally crushed by armored vehicle. Bring ‘em on: Iraqi police chief assassinated in Amarah. Bring ‘em on: Bomb discovered in Baghdad press building. Bring ‘em on: Kurdish martial arts team attacked by small arms fire in Kirkuk. Bring 'em on: Demonstrators stone Iraqi police in Fallujah. Baghdad’s unreported attacks. Warning: Graphic discussion of a forbidden topic in this article. Mortar attacks against US troops increasing. CENTCOM reports two US soldiers died in Iraq during two separate non-combat related incidents. Soldiers’ families lead anti-war/anti-Bush protests. “I don't care what the administration says about flag-waving and children throwing flowers. It is just not true. The stories coming back are horrific. All he told me was that he had seen and done some horrible things, that they had all done and seen some terrible things.” Tennessee Guardsmen extended in Iraq. Military family members and veterans agree: George Nethercutt is an asshole. Curfew lifted in Baghdad for Ramadan. Muqtada Sadr says US is waging war against him. Miserable Failure: John Snow calls donor’s conference an “enormous success” because it got $13 billion in pledges while falling $30 billion short of minimum requirements. “Much of the money generated this week will be distributed by the World Bank and United Nations through two funds, the first major source of reconstruction money not controlled by the United States. Until now, postwar contracts have been awarded by US agencies to American companies in a tendering process that many have criticized as opaque and exclusionary; throughout the conference, US officials deflected questions about their management of Iraq's postwar expenses.” Why do you suppose donors insisted on separate reconstruction funds not administered by the United States? Because they know a lot of that money will get stuck to Bush’s nasty little fingers. And none of the US contributions will be administered by the UN reconstruction funds. Your tax dollars at work, folks! The price of Bush’s failure in Madrid: “The occupation of Iraq will be international in name only. On the streets, Iraqis will continue to see U.S. soldiers, reinforcing the unpopular notion that Iraq is under U.S. rule…The paucity of financial support could force the Bush administration to return to U.S. taxpayers for more money on top of the $165 billion in aid they have already shelled out.” CPA rides roughshod on Iraqi businessmen. “’We have ambitions to build large complexes and projects and undertake major operations...but what's on offer is peanuts,’ Bunnia said.” I thought we were trying to build a free-market democracy in Iraq? At least that what Bush told us he was trying to do. Halliburton launches astroturf campaign to defend gouging US taxpayers. “Lesar, who is president, CEO and chairman of the company, said, ‘Now I'm asking you to help by writing a letter to the editor of your newspaper.’ He listed ‘some facts that you can use to help deliver your letter.’” Casualty Reports Local story: Virginia soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: California soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Michigan soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Florida soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: Montana soldier wounded in Iraq.


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