Friday, October 17, 2003

War News for October 17, 2003 Bring ‘em on: Three US soldiers killed, seven wounded in Karbala. Bring ‘em on: US soldier killed, two wounded in Baghdad. Bring ‘em on: Three US soldiers wounded in convoy ambush near Fallujah. Bring ‘em on: Car bomb explodes near US base in Kirkuk. Four Jordanians killed at US checkpoint in Baghdad. Bring ‘em on: Attempted car bombing in Irbil. US troops may remain in Iraq until at least 2006, says US general. And he’s talking about the best-case scenario. Roadside bombs counter US firepower advantages. Military families say AT&T gouging troops on morale calls. US general says Iraqis using unsecured explosives against American troops. Terry Gross interviewed Anne Garrels on yesterday’s edition of Fresh Air on KPLU in Seattle. KPLU is in the middle of their fall fundraiser so it may have been one of those abbreviated fundraiser formats because I can’t find a link at NPR. In any case, Garrels recently returned from a six-week spell in Iraq. Among her revelations were that the personnel turnover at Bremer’s CPA is unusually heavy, with most staffers leaving after a month or two at the CPA. There are no Middle-East experts on Bremer’s staff, making it an amateur operation staffed by ideologues rather than professionals. Despite new banknotes, US efforts to rebuild Iraqi banks are floundering. Casualty Reports Local story: Georgia soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: Kentucky soldier killed in Iraq.


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