Sunday, September 28, 2003

War News for September 28, 2003 CENTCOM demotes casualties. Commentary: How about some truth from Bush about casualties? NEWSWEEK reports on how Bush’s ideologues ruled the mess in Iraq. “…the State Department people were deemed to be Arabist apologists, or squishy about the United Nations, or in some way politically incorrect to the right-wing ideologues at the White House or the neocons in the office of the Secretary of Defense. The vetting process ‘got so bad that even doctors sent to restore medical services had to be anti-abortion…’” “The White House fiddles, trying to restructure Iraq's oil-rich economy so that it will suit American investment, while troops die.” Worldwide demonstrations against US policy in Iraq. Bush says international community has an obligation to change his nappies when he soils himself. UK troops warned of “inevitable” terror attack in Iraq. Tell them to suck it up, Tony. Condi says they’re flypaper. More details emerge of Bush’s continuing inability to administer Iraq. Bushies see American media scrutiny as the new enemy in Iraq. Resistance spreading outside “Sunni Triangle.” Increasing SAM threat at Baghdad airport halts Red Cross flights. “Two U.S. defense officials familiar with reports from inside Iraq said commanders on the ground have reported a rash of attacks on coalition aircraft at Baghdad airport and elsewhere, ranging from missiles to anti-aircraft artillery to small-arms fire. ’It's not every time a plane lands, but a couple of times a day that planes report something,’ one of the officials said…’Forget about investments {in Iraq},’ said Clyde Prestowitz, a former senior Commerce Department official in the Reagan administration …’The first thing is to establish security so that you can, as a practical matter, conceive of flying in. Then once you get to that point you can think about attracting private investments.’”


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