Monday, September 01, 2003

War News for September 1, 2003 Bring ‘em on: Two US soldiers wounded after ambush near Kirkuk. CENTCOM reports one soldier drowned, two injured when vehicle falls in canal on patrol. Poll: 61 per cent of Britons want to withdraw from Iraq; 29 per cent say “as soon as possible.” Soon, the US will be in Iraq all alone. Except for a bunch of pissed-off Iraqis, AQ, anti-US foreign fighters, and we'll be broke, too. Thanks, Whistle-ass! Great Moments in Bush Diplomacy No. 26861 in the series: Armitage tries to bully Japanese into sending troops to Iraq. After listening to Armitage, Japan decides to send fact-finding team instead. Asahi Shimbun Op/Ed on Bush’s efforts to obtain UN mandate without relinquishing US control: “But even if such forces were put into the field, it is unlikely that attacks by forces radically opposed to the U.S.-British occupation will cease. At this point in time, moves by the United Nations to expand cooperation with the United States and Britain run the risk of turning its facilities and personnel into targets once again. The stopgap measure of reinforcing troop presence could very well do more harm than good in the long run.” More News: More troops needed now, but the Bushies have poisoned the well. Transfer of command in Najaf to Polish troops postponed. Marines screwed. Veterans angry with Whistle-Ass. In the 1992 elections, exit polling revealed that veterans voted for Bill Clinton over George Bush by 2 to 1. Conservatives are getting pissed off at him, too. “Junior wants the title of King George II.” Add “Whistle Ass” in Latin, right after the title. Open letter to Dubya from an Arab, who is also a former Eqyptian Minister of Defense. Among other things, he claims that AQ was responsible for the Northeast power blackout, claimed responsibility for the act, and Dubya is lying about the whole thing. School named for George W. Bush opens in Stockdale, CA. “When asked by a reporter if he knew who George W. Bush is, the child answered, ‘Yes, the governor.’” Leave no child behind, indeed.


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