Monday, September 22, 2003

Today in History. September 22, 2002: From the NYT, MoDo says, “We’re being steamrollered” and the LA Times asks Bush for answers to some uncomfortable questions. War news for September 22, 2003 Bring ‘em on: Second car bombing of UN mission in Baghdad. At least one dead. Last US combat troops leave Saudi Arabia. Citizens, this is a great victory against Osama bin Laden, since removing American troops from Saudi Arabia deprives him of a vital issue. Bush has brought the war within measurable distance of its end. Chirac offers detailed plan for Iraqi transition. Bush offers repackaged failure. Proconsul Bremer of Baghdad promises to veto any decision by his hand-picked Iraqi Governing Council toward Iraqi sovereignty. Russia backs off on sending troops to Iraq. Little chance of Pakistani troops to Iraq without further American “assistance.” A wink and a nudge from Musharraf to Bush. Economic “overhaul” in Iraq. “The new economic policy also will slash Iraq's top tax rate for individuals and businesses from 45 percent to 15 percent starting Jan. 1…all goods except humanitarian supplies that are brought into the country will be subject to a 5 percent ‘reconstruction surcharge.’” Grover Norquist writes Iraqi tax policy and John Snow wants to sell stuff that doesn't belong to him. Local commentary: “The daily, patronizing stay-the-course, things-are-getting-better speech becomes more irritating and insulting with each ambush death of an American serviceman.” Local commentary: The $87 billion wake-up call. “The anti-tax movement has gained a stranglehold on the American psyche in recent years. Encouraged by politicians and interest groups devoted to rolling back the Great Society and the New Deal, many Americans believe they are paying far more of their income in taxes than is actually the case.” Home Front: Goopers fire first shots Culture War. Karl Rove says Fort Sumter was a winning issue for Jefferson Davis.


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