Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Late Entry John Kerry impressed me today when he announced his candidacy from the deck of a carrier. He had some crew members from his Navy patrol boat with him. Let there be no mistake. Kerry's choice of location administered a richly-deserved and well-aimed kick in the nuts to the phony, posturing Shrub, after his silly photo-op on the USS Lincoln. And Shrubby doesn't dare produce any of his service friends for fear they might reveal the truth about his own military vanishing act or talk about all the cocaine that went up his nose during his time in uniform. "Being flown to an aircraft carrier and saying 'mission accomplished' doesn't end a war," Kerry said. "The swagger of a president saying 'bring 'em on' will never bring peace." I'm not endorsing Kerry; I'm still pretty steamed about that war vote. But I'm impressed.


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