Thursday, September 11, 2003

Happy Trifecta Day to George W. Bush! War News for Spetember 11, 2003 Bring ‘em on: Firefight in Fallujah; two US soldiers wounded in Mosul, one US soldier wounded in convoy ambush near Baghdad. Bring ‘em on: Attacks against US troops increasing. “US commanders also reported a fresh spate of violence, with 22 attacks on US soldiers in a 24-hour period on Tuesday and Wednesday, sharply up on the daily average of 13 to 15.” Out of sight, out of mind: CENTCOM website hides casualty reports behind the fine print. Do not think for one minute that this policy didn’t originate with the Bush administration. CENTCOM changed their website layout on the day after Rummy threw a temper tantrum at a Baghdad press briefing saying the media focuses only on bad news in Iraq. So the CENTCOM website will apparently prominently feature stories about US troops rebuilding the Mosul zoo while burying stories about soldiers killed and wounded on the Mosul road. People are starting to notice. Support the troops: Bush bills the wounded for food. China joins France, Germany and Russia in demanding limits to US control of Iraq. Jordan rejects Bush’s call for troops. Canadian foreign minister Bill Graham: "’No country is going to commit their soldiers or their treasury or their taxpayers' money unless they believe they have some role in making a decision about how that money will be spent or how the lives of our citizens will be risked.’" Asahi Shimbun commentary: Bush demands tribute for failed Iraq war. India Express commentary: Bush’s war robs US of sympathy, support. Commentary: Bush’s failed war on terror: “With astonishing speed, the United States and Britain are making their nightmares a reality. Iraq is fast becoming the land that they warned about: a throbbing hub of terror. Islamists bent on murder, all but non-existent in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, are now flocking to the country from Syria, Iran and across the Arab world.” Mission Accomplished! Bush’s failed foreign policy has made the US a pariah. New terror alert. With the Bush administration failure is not an option – it’s policy.


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