Tuesday, August 26, 2003

War News for August 26, 2003 Bring ‘em on: One US soldier killed, two wounded in ambush near Hamariya. Bring ‘em on: Polish troops under mortar fire near Karbala. Under the conditions of the “Coalition of the Willing,” Polish troops were replaced by US troops after this incident. Who said Polaks are dumb? Bulgarian troops assume control in Karbala. Another Islamic group threatens death to Iraqis cooperating with US. US troops raid Iraqi town in search of Iraqi criminal gang members. Thousands protest lack of security in Baghdad. AQ claims responsibility for Baghdad UN bombing. L. Paul Bremer, on vacation from Baghdad, says US faces a “growing terrorist threat” in Iraq. (No wonder he's "on vacation.") Claims reconstruction will cost billions, and “the budget situation will be very difficult ‘even if we succeed in getting oil production back up to prewar levels, which we hope to do by October 2004.’” October 2004? First, Bremer said oil production would reach pre-war levels in July 2003. Then he said September. Now, he moves the goalposts again. Of course, NPR Senior Correspondent and Resident GOP Press Flunky Juan Williams didn’t bother to follow up on this. Obviously conditions in Iraq are deteriorating much more rapidly than the administration will admit if they can’t even achieve pre-war production until 18 months after the end of major combat operations. It’s becoming more evident every day that the biggest threat to US security in Iraq is the incompetent CPA under Bremer. Lucent, under investigation by US DOJ for violation of bribery laws in Saudi Arabia, wins $25 million contract to rebuild Baghdad telephone system. How much did Lucent give the GOP in campaign contributions? Afghanistan: Taliban resurgent.


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