Saturday, August 23, 2003

War News for August 23, 2003 Bring ‘em on: US patrol caught in crossfire between Kurds and Turkmen near Kirkuk; two Iraqis killed. Bring ‘em on: Three British soldiers killed in ambush in Basra. British evacuate Baghdad embassy. US troops raid house in Baquba looking for Saddam Hussein. The insurgency: Multiple and competing agendas. Another Army general who disagreed with Rummy reassigned. Rumors I’ve heard from some active-duty types say Rummy is planning to activate a new command in the Aleutians for non-team players. Local story: Six Alabama Guardsman wounded in mortar attack. I didn’t see this story reported in the national media. Local story: Army captain wounded. You read stories like this, about American soldiers who risk their lives every day because they are faithful to the oath they took and believe in the ideals of America, and you realize that Lt. AWOL is really nothing more than a spoiled piece of shit who’s never known a hard day in his whole pathetic life. And then, when you see Bush raking in all that cash for his reelection campaign, you realize that his conservative donors have a set of values and morals that are contrary to any notion of self-sacrifice and public spirit.


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