Monday, August 18, 2003

War News for August 18, 2003 Sunni and Shiite clerics agree to cooperate in opposition to US occupation. Iraq date crop fails due to lack of power for irrigation. "…'nobody here wanted Saddam. But nobody wants to be occupied either. This occupation is especially bad because it seems to have been so poorly planned. We can't wait much longer for stability.''' Sabotaged pipeline continues to burn near Kirkuk. Journalist shot, killed during mortar attack on Abu Ghraib prison. CENTCOM is investigating the incident. Water in Baghdad remains cut off due to pipeline sabotage. ”’This resistance is not a reaction to the American provocations against the Iraqi people or to the shortage of services, as some analysts believe ... but to kick out the occupiers as a matter of principle,’ a man read from a statement in a videotape aired on the Al-Jazeera television network.” Use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) against US troops increasing. “Soldiers think the widespread use of the devices and similarities in their design across Iraq may mean those who deploy them are being trained by a central authority.” Free market reforms in Baghdad. Porn, drugs, prostitution. Iraqi couple shows gratitude by naming new baby after Bush. ”He’s incoherent, dribbles a lot and cries himself to sleep at night. And now he's had an Iraqi baby named after him.” You're gonna name a kid "George Bush" in Baghdad? Why don't they just name the poor bastard "Ariel Sharon" and move to Beirut? British soldiers save abandoned baby in Basra. Afghanistan: Four hundred Taliban raid police station near Barmal: 22 killed. Afghanistan: Two hundred Taliban raid police station near Tarway: four police taken hostage. Bush administration shifting focus, agents, and resources from Kabul to Baghdad. Arabic TV airs tape from al Qaeda spokesman, claims Osama bin Laden is still kicking. Home Front: Terror attack in US likely in next 12 months. Bush: “We’re winning the war on terror.”


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