Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I'll be traveling to Chicago today to visit family. Tomorrow I'll post news for August 20 and 21. On NPR news, I heard a brief interview with L. Paul Bremer about the UN bombing in Baghdad. I wish I had a copy of that interview. Bremer sounded absolutely terrified. He tried to sound bully-boy tough, and actually seemed to try to taunt the UN. In reality, he stammered repeatedly and the fear in his voice was evident. He rhetorically asked if the UN would "run and cut," when the expression he wanted is actually "cut and run." For a guy who thinks he cuts quite a dash in his Gucci suits and combat boots, Bremer is a clueless chickenshit. The best start to finding a solution to the problems in Iraq would be to get Bremer out of the secure, well-guarded and air-conditioned isolation of Saddam Hussein's palace and put him in a flak jacket with an M16 and a few frags and let him guard a pipeline. Who knows, AQ might be deterred by a posturing blow-hard with a gun.


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