Thursday, July 17, 2003

US troops in Iraq on alert. Yesterday’s SAM attack at Baghdad was second incident this month. Baghdad airport road is a “shooting gallery.” Another Saddam Hussein tape is broadcast. Germany offers humanitarian support for Iraq but no troops. "I think the relevant Security Council Resolution 1483 (which provided a mandate for nations to send forces to bring stability to Iraq after Saddam Hussein's regime was ousted in April) made it quite clear that the responsibility on the ground is in the hands of the coalition," said German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer. Bush, you broke it, you bought it. Wolfowitz arrives in Baghdad. “I look forward to seeing firsthand evidence of what it means for the Iraqi people to be liberated from decades of brutal repression." Is Wolfie still looking for flowers and music? Local story: Florida soldier paints bleak picture of guerrilla war. Maybe Wolfie should talk to this Army intelligence warrant officer, instead of listening to Feith-based intelligence. Troops are feeling the strain. “The problem, said one 2nd Brigade officer, who also asked not to be identified, is that the decision makers in Washington are out of touch with what's happening in Iraq.” Lieutenant, what did you expect from a bunch of chickenhawks, armchair Napoleons, and a commander-in-chief who went AWOL from a National Guard unit? US payoffs to former Iraqi officers are viewed as “disrespect.” Thailand prepares to send troops. Tight security for Bremer. We need to protect the guy who made such a strong fashion statement by posing for a NYT photo op in a tailored suit and combat boots. Reserves may be mobilized, in addition to the 201,000 National Guard and Reserve troops already are on active duty. Commentary: The Silence of the Hawks. “For his part, Bush was incoherent Monday about his own decision-making process.”


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