Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Operations Desert Scorpion and Desert Sidewinder continue. From CENTCOM: “Eight raids were conducted in the last 24 hours by the 4th Infantry Division. Operation Sidewinder resulted in 32 detained individuals and 10 AK-47s, two pistols and one mortar being confiscated. In one successful raid, the 4th ID detained a Ba’ath party colonel along with five other individuals. Eight million Iraqi Dinar and assorted weapons, including eight AK-47s, were also confiscated in the raid. “In Baghdad, the 1st Armored Division detained 148 individuals and secured 247 sites by conducting raids, cordon and search operations, checkpoint operations, presence patrols and a river operation.” Rumsfeld denies Iraq is a “quagmire.” Soldiers in Iraq disagree: “Administration officials need to get our asses out of here.” Mistrust and frustration sets in with US troops. Officers think Rummy’s full of shit, too. Rummy blames Iraqi resistance on The Boogyman again. Bush blames Clinton for recession. Mosque explodes in Fallujah; five Iraqis killed. Residents blame US missile. The view from Islam Online. RPG attack on US troops in Baghdad. Armored vehicle destroyed, troops wounded. Other sources reports blast caused by car bomb; four Americans killed. RPG attack on US convoy near Baghdad airport. US soldier wounded. German Charges d'Affaire shot at in Baghdad. Local stories: KIAs from Houston and Alabama. US-appointed mayor of Najaf arrested for kidnapping and extortion. Growing hostility toward US forces in Iraq. Iraqi clerics demand self-government. Iraqi detainee accuses US of mistreatment. Ammunition dump explodes. Thirty Iraqis killed. Why wasn’t this place secured? Afghanistan: Pro-US mosque blown up in Khandahar. Musharraf says foreign troops in Afghanistan should withdraw once stability has returned to the country. Afghanistan: Lost in the shuffle. NYT commentary. Afghanistan: Desperation in Kabul. NYT commentary. North Korea threatens to abandon armistice. Home front: Bush raises 3 million in Florida. Cheney attends Ohio fundraiser. Comic relief: The upside spin from GOPUSA.


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