Sunday, July 13, 2003

I am returning to the original purpose of this blog. For detailed analysis and commentaries on the twists and turns of the Bush administration's lies and lying liars, please visit Eschaton. Bring ‘em on: US military police attacked at Abu Ghraib prison. One soldier reported wounded. US troops begin “Operation Ivy Serpent.” US troops under RPG fire northeast of Baghdad. “Many Iraqis in Fallujah don't feel safe when joint U.S.-Iraqi patrols drive by -- they feel rage.” India refuses to send troops to Iraq. “The Government has reached its ‘no troops’ decision despite a clear understanding that the Bush administration will not be pleased….What has weakened the case for sending the troops is the fact that the United States has not yet been able to provide any kind of road-map for the future of Iraq.” Commentary: US Army stretched too thin. “The difference between then and now, former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta said, is that Clinton built international coalitions to share the burden.” Soldier granted compassionate reassignment after Congressional intervention. Afghanistan: CENTCOM reports rocket attack on Bagram air base. Afghanistan: Explosion at UN refugee center in Jalalabad. North Korea: Bush Botch III continues. Reprocessing of fuel rods completed. Poll: What do you think about the "bring them on" challenge President Bush issued July 2 from the White House, referring to those who attack U.S. troops in Iraq? Scroll down. Home front: Anxieties rise in Minnesota and South Carolina.


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