Saturday, July 19, 2003

CENTCOM reports US soldier died from injuries received during small-arms and RPG attack in Baghdad. US soldier wounded when the convoy he was in was attacked with small arms fire, rocket propelled grenades and mortars near Muqdadiyah. News analysis: “The attacks are coming every two hours now…” Another Iraqi cleric denounces US appointed interim government. Another Iraqi resistance group pledges to continue anti-American attacks. Wanting it both ways: US wants a UN resolution as a way to get more troops, but refuses UN role in peacekeeping. Soldier sounds off about Lieutenant AWOL’s “Bring ‘em on” comment: “`Myself and every last man in my unit are deeply offended that our President would make such a statement inviting us to be attacked. President Bush has lost the respect of every soldier I have spoken to because of his speaking those irresponsible words. Those words spread like wildfire among the troops.” Wolfowitz says United States was unprepared for the collapse of law and order in post war Iraq. No, Wolfie. YOU were unprepared to administer post-war Iraq. This was YOUR plan. YOU chose to ignore the advice of the professionals, and YOU still don’t have a plan. Wolfowitz interview: Blame CENTCOM, blame Garner, blame Franks, blame Saddam Hussein… Officers say criticism of Bush’s war ended careers. Of course, this has nothing to do with Wolfie’s visit. Three peacekeepers wounded in Afghanistan. Local story: Tennessee Guardsman killed was grandfather to seven. And he didn’t go AWOL when called to duty, either.


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