Sunday, July 06, 2003

CENTCOM reports Operation Sidewinder ended: Two hundred and eighty two individuals detained and a variety of weapons were seized, including 96 AK-47 rifles, 3 heavy machine guns, 217 rocket-propelled grenades, 33 grenades, 200 60mm-mortar rounds, and other military equipment, documents, weapons and ammunition. No US KIA, but 30 casualties from Iraqi non-compliant forces and 28 coalition forces injuries. CENTCOM reports bomb at Ramadi police station was command detonated device. US soldier critically wounded by sniper in Baghdad. British TV camaraman shot dead by sniper in Baghdad. Operation Grave Digger. Patrolling in Fallujah. Bounty on the Boogyman: No evidence linking Hussein to attacks on U.S. forces. Analysis: US military faces acute retention crisis. Bush solution: Rent-a-Grunt. US pays “allies” for troop commitments at $3 billion per month. That’s YOUR money! Al Qaeda blamed for Pakistan mosque bombing. Op/Ed: On to Liberia! Local stories: South Carolina KIA, here and here. Local story: New Jersey KIA. Local story: Funeral of Puerto Rican soldier killed in Afghanistan. Bush “twisted” intelligence to hype war. Afghanistan: Eight killed in warlord fighting. Afghanistan: Anti-US demonstration in Kabul.


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