Saturday, July 05, 2003

Bring ‘em on: US Troops in Fallujah under daily attack. “…locals are apparently launching green flares to signal oncoming tank patrols, and red ones for soldiers on foot." Bring ‘em on: Up to 50 Iraqi fighters involved in yesterday’s ambush near Balad. Bring ‘em on: US soldier killed in Baghdad on Thursday identified. Bring ‘em on: Attackers become bolder, more organized. Saddam Hussein audio tape urges Iraqis to bring ‘em on. Bush wets himself and skedaddles off to Ohio air force base. CENTCOM: British troops conduct drug raids seizing $11,000, forgery equipment, some suspected cannabis resin and two bags of pills. Three Iraqis were arrested. Operation Sidewinder situation report: Coalition forces conducted 20 raids, 1,390 day patrols and 880 night patrols and jointly patrolled with Iraqi police, conducting 187 day patrols and 148 night patrols over the last 24 hours. Four rocket-propelled grenade launchers and five rocket-propelled grenade rounds, one set of night vision goggles and 227 rounds of various types of ammunition were confiscated. Has anybody done a cost-benefit analysis on this operation? Pakistan waffles on Iraqi troop deployment. Local editorial criticizes Musharraf. India also becomes reluctant to commit troops. Letter to the Editor comment. US asks Nepal for troops. Don't we have allies anymore? I guess all that talk about "freedom fries" and "cheese eating surrender monkeys" has consequences after all. "You call Donald Rumsfeld and tell him our sorry asses are ready to go home." Rummy's Pentagon poorly prepared for “regime change” policy. US detains Turkish soldiers in Iraq in “ugly incident.” Afghanistan: Three Dutch soldiers wounded while on patrol near Kabul. Comic relief: Success in Iraq, courtesy of the alternate universe of FrontPagemag.com.


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