Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Bring em on: CENTCOM updates report on yesterday's RPG ambush in central Baghdad. Ten soldiers, not six as originally reported, were wounded in the attack. One soldier was killed. All were assigned to the 3d Infantry Division. Two more Iraqi resistance groups warn against sending troops to Iraq. Resentment growing in Iraq. "'I see this as Somalia writ large,' said Jonathan Stevenson, an American counter-terrorism expert at London's International Institute for Strategic Studies. Iraqis are getting frustrated the Brits, with too. Local story: Soldiers describe ambushes. Bush administration response to India on troop issue: "We would have hoped that India would have made a different choice, that they would be able to do this in Iraq for our interests and what we perceive to be their interests.'' India said it would only deploy troops to Iraq under a UN mandate. 3d Infantry Division extended again. Families and soldiers upset. "Even senior enlisted soldiers with just a few years left until retirement said they are seriously considering getting out because of the apparent inability of the Pentagon to make a decision on the length of their stay." Good point, especially after Rummy told Congress just last week that 3ID would be coming home "this month." "We won't overextend our troops, period," pledged Bush. "Too late," says Sgt. Robert Page. "Operation Restore Iraqi Oil:" Costs expected to exceed 1.6 billion, US Army to provide security for Bechtel and Halliburton. Corps of Engineers expects to reach pre-war production levels in a year, providing no further sabotage. Let's see, Rummy suddenly reverses a statement he made to Congress last week to bring the 3ID back within a month only one day after the Corps of Engineers finalizes oilfield contracts that provide DoD security for bechtel and Halliburton? Even I can connect those damn dots, Condi. There are only two of them. Afghanistan: Car bomb targets US military personnel. Afghanistan: US credibility at stake, warns Afghan minister. You mean we still have some? North Korea: DPRK claims hostile acts by US. Commentary: "But the argument for war, in its entirety, was dishonest. President Bush says it's time to move on, and we agree - let's move on to the hearings that will get to the bottom of this." Baltimore Sun. Commentary: "President Bush's top aides have resorted to silly hair-splitting in trying to deny that he and they misled America and the world about the nuclear threat supposedly posed by Saddam Hussein." Wilmington Star.


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